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Mindscape’s team of sustainability experts are highly sought trainers. We offer in-class, virtual, and on-site mentoring, and custom courses on a diverse range of topics:

– Green Building

– Technical and Policy Literacy

– Renewable Energy

– Leadership Development

– Team Building

Green Building & Sustainable Construction Training

on-site training toursMindscape has authored or contributed to all of Canada’s leading green building and sustainable construction programs. We carry and maintain licenses to certify buildings in these programs. We know how they work, why they work and we can teach you how to understand them and succeed with them.

  • Green building certification programs such as ENERGY STAR, GREEN SEAL® by Built Green Canada, Solar Ready, or LEED
  • Net-zero and sustainable construction
  • Design charrettes and workshops (custom to your project): defining project objectives and setting out project plans
  • Certification training for green building evaluation professionals (eg: Certified Energy Advisors and Green Raters)


Technical and Policy Literacy Training

  • Introductory training for basic green building and sustainable design literacy
  • Green Program literacy for policy makers, real estate professionals, or manufacturers
  • Energy and carbon literacy training
  • Sales training for manufacturers and suppliers: customized training of technical and sales staff to understand how your products fit in various green programs, how to measure and be recognized for environmentally preferable attributes, and how to communicate credibly to the market


Energy Projects

  • Solar and wind energy systems design and project planning
  • Public stakeholdering and social friction mitigation


HSH_Gala_002Leadership and Team Development

  • Team building and leadership development workshops


Customized to Your Needs

Tell us what you need, and if we don’t already have curriculum for you, then we can draw from our award winning team of instructors to create a customized training experience that suits your needs specifically.


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