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So What is EnerGuide?logo_energuide_sm

The EnerGuide* for New Houses program, developed by Natural Resources Canada, is a rating system that evaluates a house’s energy performance.  The rating system uses a scale of 0 (worst performing) to 100 (best performing, ‘net-zero’ energy home).  For perspective, as of January 1, 2012, to comply with the Ontario Building Code all new homes must be designed to an equivalent EnerGuide 80 performance.


Compare Different Homes

The EnerGuide for New Houses program helps builders evaluate the energy efficiency performance of their house designs, and identifies cost effective, practical options for improving energy performance.  It also helps homebuyers to compare the relative energy performance of different homes.


Tested by Professionals

EnerGuide rated homes are tested during construction by Certified Energy Advisers (CEAs): professionals who are trained in home energy efficiency. These tests include using computers to create energy modelling simulations of the proposed house designs, reviews between the builder and CEA to identify potential upgrades to save energy, and an on-site verification and blower door test of the house as built.  Concluding the evaluation, the builder is provided with an Energy Efficiency Evaluation report and EnerGuide label for the home.


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*EnerGuide is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada.


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