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Built Green Canada

Built Green Canada is a national, industry-driven organization providing environmental programs to the residential building sector, offering single family, high density, and renovation projects, with a communities program under development. Built Green Canada offers its affordable, third-party certified programs across the country; however, in Ontario, the programs are referred to as “GREEN SEAL®”.

While energy efficiency is a fundamental component of these programs, integrating the EnerGuide label through Natural Resources Canada, Built Green Canada goes beyond energy efficiency, moving the industry toward a more holistic approach to sustainable building practices—an approach that includes the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability. As such, members and their customers get a two-in-one: the GREEN SEAL® seal and the EnerGuide label.

Through their checklists, Built Green Canada provides builders with an extensive and flexible selection of green building action items to include in their homes.


The GREEN SEAL® Program

The program itself is built around a regularly updated checklist of environmental action items for builders to choose from.

The checklist houses criteria focused on sustainable development, addressing seven key categories: envelope and energy systems, materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practice. Builders and their customers may go through this list to determine a) the certification they build to (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and how to get there; and b) which green features they want in their homes to achieve certification.

The checklist makes it easy for homeowners to understand the value they’re getting from their builder, and for the builder to see where they’re doing well and both where and how they could improve their homes.

Learn more about the Single Family, High Density, and Renovations programs here.


Benefits of Building with Built Green Canada

Built Green Canada offers members the means to affordably participate in third-party certification programs, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, stay ahead of building code changes, show leadership, and pass along the benefits of a GREEN SEAL® home to their customers. These programs are substantially less to participate in financially and are easier to administer than many other programs, offering four levels of certification, which means the builder can work with the consumer to customize their home, based on budgets and priorities.


More About Membership

Once you’re approved, your organization is posted on their website, and once you’ve completed a GREEN SEAL® home, you are featured here. You have access to Built Green Canada’s marketing toolkit, which include a customizable brochure, site/window decal, key messages, marketing tips, access to the Built Green Canada logo, and so forth. Additionally, members and their activities are promoted through various communication channels—members are encouraged to keep the GREEN SEAL® office updated on their activity.


Product Catalogue—A Builder’s Resource

Built Green Canada’s Product Catalogue provides builders and renovators access to products for use in sustainable residential construction. The Product Catalogue is based on the checklist, and, therefore, is organized by the same categories; builder members use the catalogue to find products that will earn them checklist points in each of the seven sustainability categories within the checklist. Only products and services that meet the organization’s list of criteria and have been accepted by Built Green Canada are listed in the Catalogue.


Technical Standards

Built Green Canada has a Technical Standards Committee comprised of engineers, Certified Energy Advisors, and other related professionals who advise Built Green Canada on all matters related to the technical standards of the GREEN SEAL® program for environmentally responsible building practices, energy use, products, and standards compliance. Committee members bring needed expertise to ensure that the various checklists are appropriate and working in accordance with the interests of the Built Green Canada, to ensure the program remains rigorous and current.


Online Training: Built Green Canada Program Fundamentals, Module 1

Built Green Canada Program Fundamentals, Module 1 focuses on the fundamental aspects of the program to orient participants on how to work within the GREEN SEAL® programs; introduce them to the administrative and technical requirements; prepare them to successfully navigate Built Green Canada’s quality assurance processes; and offer them resources to help them be successful at building GREEN SEAL® homes.


  • Length: 2-3 hour, self-paced, online presentation with interactive Q&A
  • Convenient: Take anytime, anywhere with a web connection
  • Certificate: Successful participants receive a certificate of completion
  • Cost: Members: $150.00, Non-members: $250.00 (A 15% discount is offered to companies that send more than five staff to the training) 



Contact Built Green Canada

Should you have questions regarding the GREEN SEAL® checklists or guide:

Toll-Free Phone: 1.855.485.0920