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Speakers on Sustainability

Derek Satnik - speakers on sustainabilityMindscape’s staff, particularly Derek Satnik and Bryan Taylor, are veteran public speakers that frequently speak on themes of sustainability, industry trends, emerging new technology, and leadership development.

“Derek is a skilled communicator and public speaker. He and his team at Mindscape are a significant resource to Waterloo Region’s growing sustainability community.”  –Mike Morrice, Sustainable Waterloo Region

Mindscape’s speakers have been formally trained in public speaking, and have experience in front of audiences both small and large (tens to thousands), from lay people to senior executives.

From workshops and training to facilitating panels, hosting important industry functions, and offering keynote addresses, Mindscape’s speakers on sustainability are internationally awarded experts, and your audience will leave both better informed, and empowered to act.


Some of our Speaking Topics:

Mindscape’s speakers on sustainability can cover a broad range of topics. Here’s a small sample:

  • sustainable homes / buildings: what they are and how to build them
  • sustainable communities
  • “life in the trenches”: how projects really work (or don’t)
  • renewable energy, especially wind and solar energy
  • managing social friction
  • energy and building policy: current tools, trends, realities, and how to move forward
  • leadership in a time of change



Mindscape’s speakers on sustainability have presented to diverse audiences that were technical, social, public, political, executive through operations, and in various contexts from municipal to international (US, China, etc.).


Past events include:

From keynote addresses to technical updates on projects, policy, programs, or industry trends, Mindscape’s speakers can deliver for your event.


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