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Energy Audits

Save 10-50% on Your Energy Bills

An energy audit is a study: Mindscape experts will help you inspect your building and find smart, affordable ways to save energy, and money, and then we’ll help you make it happen.


Energy Is Not a Fixed Cost

3d man pulling the dollar symbolFor decades now, most businesses in North America have paid their energy bills like their taxes or insurance premiums: as a necessary evil – a cost of doing business. Only the leading minority has taken control of this cost and understood it for the opportunity that it is.

At Mindscape, we help our clients take control of their energy bills and making reductions of between 10 and 50% or even more.


Show me How

Saving energy is really not very difficult. At Mindscape we use what we call our 50/50 Plan™:

  • Understand: Start by understanding how much energy you’re using: hire appropriate professional help to do a proper Energy Audit of your facility. We’d be glad to help with this.
  • img_profit-cost - energy audits cut cost and increase profitPlan: The Energy Audit (if done properly) will give you a three year plan for changes you can make to your building that will help save energy, starting with low or no cost items. Make sure that this plan takes advantage of all the government and utility incentive programs that are available to help. We can help you with this too: right now the incentives will even pay for half of our fees to do the energy audit.
  • 50/50: Each year you make changes, make a point of changing your budgets too: let 50% of the savings be reallocated to supporting your business, but set aside the other 50% to start building a proactive budget for future energy projects.  This budget is what you can use to fund more expensive projects in later years.

If you follow this plan for 3-5 years, it won’t take long before your savings will be sizeable, and you’ll be starting to think about advanced measures like solar panels.


Experience Counts

earthbulbWe wouldn’t be telling you this if we didn’t know we can help. At Mindscape we’ve done nearly 1,000 building and energy audits of various types, using various government incentive programs over the years, and focusing on different technologies and opportunities, for industrial, commercial, and even residential buildings. We’d love to help you save energy too. We’re very proud of the record of happy clients we have: take a look a the quotes on the right column throughout our website, like this one:

“Mindscape has been an outstanding resource …
They’ve helped us evaluate financing models, manage approvals, utilities and contractors. An exceptional consultant, they have served us well.”

– Brian Bechtel, Corporate Energy Specialist, Region of Waterloo


Start Saving Today!

The biggest mistake people make about energy is paying for it! Let us help you start saving today: book us for an energy audit, and we’ll be glad to show you the low-cost and no-cost items that you can do right away to start saving immediately, and if all goes well, then the audit we do for you will have paid for itself in only a few months.


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Common Questions About Energy Audits:


What Do you Check In an Energy Audit?

There are different types of energy audits, and they check different things. We follow the industry standard guides developed by ASHRAE, and they describe audits in levels:

Level 1: a high level walkthrough of your building, looking at things like lighting and other features that you can see with the naked eye and without test instruments or climbing in the ceilings.

Level 2: a more detailed energy audit (the kind Mindscape typically does), where we assess energy bills, create a computer simulation of your building and perform calculations about how much energy it should use, and then calculate the savings you could achieve by making various changes. These audits typically cover all the energy systems in the building (eg: lighting, HVAC, plug-loads, data centres, and sometimes process equipment).

Level 3: a very detailed assessment that typically requires us to install temporary meters on your site to measure specific process equipment or areas within your operations.


What Does an Energy Audit Cost?

Pricing for Mindscape energy audits is affected by the size and complexity of the building, and by the level of detail that you’d like us to include in our study. Following the ASHRAE levels above, our prices tend to range as follows:

Level 1: $0.05-$0.10/sq.ft., typically $1,000 – $3,000 per building

Level 2: $0.10-$0.15/sq.ft., typically $5,000 – $10,000 per building

Level 3: $0.15-$0.25/sq.ft., typically $15,000 – $35,000 per building

Note that these costs can typically be subsidized up to 50% through refunds paid by the local gas and electrical utilities. We charge our clients by the hour, but we prepare custom proposals for every project, so you’ll know what to expect from us in advance.


Is there a Lower Cost Option?

Mindscape offers consultations and pre-audits as well: if your budget is too tight to fund a proper energy audit, then we will meet with you and show you how to do your own simplified audit for as little as a few hundred dollars, or we can perform a pre-audit that will set you up for success later, and we can credit the value of the pre-audit towards a future energy audit when your budget has more room.

Consultation ($250): Speak with a Mindscape expert about your building, and get direction on how to do your own simplified audit. Be sure to bring at least one year worth of your utility bills, and some information about the size of your building. Bring drawings of the building’s mechanical system if you can.

Pre-Audit ($500): Give us a year worth of your utility bills, the size and address of your building, and we’ll give you a quick pre-audit report that tells you your energy density, an idea of how that compares to other similar buildings, and a few ideas of early things you can likely do to improve. The value of this pre-audit will be fully credited to any full energy audit done on the same building with Mindscape in the future.


Are There Incentives for Energy Audits?

Yes! The available incentives vary across Canada, and are different for businesses than for homes. In Ontario there are incentives both from the Ontario Power Authority and the gas utilities (Enbridge and Union Gas and their affiliates).  These incentives are stackable (ie: you can combine them), and they cover up to 50% of the value of an energy audit, plus up to 50% of the value of certain retrofit projects. Comparable programs are available from the provincial utilities across the rest of Canada as well. There are other incentives available for homes (click here). These incentives change from time to time and are not all available in every area, so contact us for more information.


How Long Does An Energy Audit Take?

This again depends on the size and complexity of the building and the Level of the energy audit (refer to the ASHRAE levels mentioned above):

Level 1: typically 1-2 weeks

Level 2: typically 4-6 weeks

Level 3: typically 6-12 weeks

Consultations / Pre-Audits: typically within the same week


Will I Need To Do Anything To Help?

Yes. The Mindscape Energy Auditor will need copies of two years of your utility bills, the most accurate drawings that you have for the building, details about any recent or planned renovations, a contact that can answer technical questions (eg: a maintenance person responsible for the building(s) being audited), and two meetings with you: one at the beginning of the project to set everything off to a good start, and one at the end to review the results.


What Happens After the Audit?


Independent Project Management Services

After an energy audit is complete, Mindscape will walk with you to help you implement the projects we recommend. We’re an independent engineering / consulting company, so we don’t make any money from any of the products you would install, and we can help you make sure that you get the best solution for you. We can help you find qualified contractors and suppliers, manage bid processes, do designs, renovate or install new solutions, supervise contractors, commission the new system, and anything else you need in order to ensure that your project is delivered successfully and that you get the savings you should.


Measurement & Verification

Mindscape has professional verifiers on staff (CMVP: Certified Measurement and Verification Professional): we can help you create a plan before you do any work, to ensure that you will be able to measure how much money and energy you will save, and then verify that savings. We can do this just after the retrofit projects are completed, and/or we can setup very inexpensive annual reviews to meet with you and make sure your improvements are performing as they should.


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