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Energy Engineering

Mindscape staff are among Canada’s foremost experts in all aspects of energy engineering. We’re proud to have authored the standards. We help optimize your energy use for big savings:

– Engineering for Energy Savings
– Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar)
– Greenhouse Gas Reporting
– Carbon Reductions & Offsets
– Policy & Government Relations with a Registered Lobbyist

“Working with Mindscape was a fantastic experience. They’re sharp, credible, experts, and outstanding value. We plan to work with them again.”  –Peter Birkbeck, Icynene

Whether your primary concern is saving money from energy bills, or building a showcase project, Mindscape will be pleased to help you.


Energy Engineering Services for Energy Savings

Energy Audits for Commercial BuildingsAs energy engineers, we know energy, and we know how to help you save it. Mindscape’s expertise includes:

  • Energy Audits – let us help you identify how to save money on your energy bills.
  • Energy Management – we”ll help you track and take control of your energy use, and create and implement a plan to improve  over time.
  • Retrofit Planning – we’ll show you how to start small and leverage savings to create a go-forward budget that will empower you to increase your savings over time.
  • Project Management – you don’t need to dedicate staff to this process: we can manage it for you, and keep you informed at every step along the way.
  • Contractor Management – writing tender bid packages or RFP’s, prequalifying bidders, evaluating responses, managing site activities, reviewing reports… it’s what we do.
  • Commissioning and Quality Assurance


Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar) Services

Solar Panel Array ImageAt Mindscape we have nearly 20,000 kW worth of solar energy projects on our resume now, and several wind energy projects as well. We’ve seen the best and the worst of what can happen as projects unfold, and we can help ensure that your projects succeed. Here’s a sampling of what we offer:

  • Feasibility studies, technology evaluations, and project planning
  • Financial forecasting, revenue projections, and risk analysis
  • Public engagement, government relations, and social friction mitigation
  • Project management, bid/tender packages, contractor supervision
  • Utility negotiations, permitting and approvals, processing incentives
  • Commissioning

And for those who know the acronyms in this market, we do CIAs, REAs, and FIT, and will gladly walk you from ABC to XYZ and make sure nothing get’s missed along the way.


Carbon and Greenhouse Gases

CX Inspection ImageEnergy and Carbon are not synonymous, but energy regulations are increasingly focusing on global trends related to carbon emissions tracking. Ontario does not yet participate formally / actively in any carbon trading markets, but international discussions are continuing to evolve in these topics, and Mindscape is well prepared to help our clients capitalize on the opportunities in the Carbon markets with the following services:

  • Carbon literacy training – let us help you understand what the relevant topics are, what the relevant regulations are, what the trends and rumours are, and what is actually worth your time and attention.
  • Carbon footprint analysis – quantifying your carbon emissions in ways that can be related to current regulations and best practices.
  • Carbon trading – we can’t buy or sell carbon emissions credits, but we have partners who can, and we can help you prepare for success.


Policy and Government Relations

Registered Lobbyist

Mindscape participates actively in many government and non-government agencies that are helping shape the energy and construction markets in Ontario, including such agencies as Built Green Canada, the Canada Green Building Council, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, the Net-Zero Energy Housing Coalition of North America, and Natural Resources Canada, among others.

Mindscape has a registered lobbyist on staff, and has successfully lobbied changes to legislation for our clients in the past.


Custom Energy Modeling Software

Not only do we know energy, but we’ve helped to write software for the government as well. Our programs and development efforts are now in use by the Canadian Standards Association and Natural Resources Canada, and we continue to develop customize software tools that simplify the energy modeling process.


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