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Region of Waterloo Constructs a Solar Energy Project

Map of the Region of Waterloo Ontario Canada

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo is the fourth largest urban area in Ontario. The Region is made up of three urban municipalities, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, and four rural townships, North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. The Region services more than 553,000 residents. With a projected growth increase of 200,000 in the next 20 years, Waterloo Region is considered one of the fastest-growing and prosperous areas in the province.

The Region’s Vision

Region of Waterloo is an inclusive, thriving and sustainable community committed to maintaining harmony between rural and urban areas and fostering opportunities for current and future generations.


Environmental Sustainability   Region of Waterloo Ontario Strategic Plan

Region of Waterloo is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and considers the environment in all of its decisions.

There are four guiding principles, three environmental areas of focus and five priority areas of outcomes within the Region of Waterloo’s Environmental Sustainability Plan:

Guiding Principles:

  • Think globally and act locally
  • Balance needs (community, environmental, and financial)
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Accountability
  • Community engagement

Region of Waterloo Ontario Community Sustainabilit

Environmental Focus

Regional policies, plans and activities are developed and evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Optimize the efficient use of natural resources
  2. Prevent pollution
  3. Protect and enhance the environment

Priority Areas of Outcomes

  • Air and Energy
  • Water
  • Waste and Material Resources
  • Rural and Urban Land
  • Sustainability Culture

Click here to download the Region of Waterloo Environmental Sustainability Plan

Solar Panels on Region of Waterloo’s Operations Centre Generating Power and Revenue

The Region of Waterloo (ROW) in its commitment to embracing environmental considerations in all of its decisions, constructed one of the first FIT projects in Ontario.  Clean air, water, land, green spaces and sensitive environmental features are important to ensuring Waterloo Region stays healthy, sustainable and livable. An 806-panel, 170 kW roof-top system was installed on its Operations Centre on Maple Grove Road in Cambridge, Ontario. It is intended to reduce the Region’s electrical load on the provincial distribution system by generating approximately 10% of the Operation Centre’s electricity consumption. Future plans over the long term are to install solar panels on 25 Regional facilities and generate a total of 2.2 MW of power.  The estimated net revenue for the 20-year Ontario Power Authority agreement is $4.774 million.


The solar energy project is in direct alignment with the Region’s environmental strategy to effectively use and manage energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air emissions from regional activities.

Project Summary: 

Completed: June, 2011
Project Type: Solar PV rooftop system
Client: The Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Location: Regional Operations Centre, 100 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge ON
Partner: Arise Technologies

Mindscape acted as the Owner’s Engineer for the execution of the project, this included:

  • Providing generic drawings and specifications of the solar array
  • Assist in reviewing tender submission and shop drawings
  • Site inspections
  • Securing FIT contract with the OPA
  • Completing final inspections and sign offs

Environmental Design:

  •  One of the first projects ever run through the FIT program;
  • Within the first 33 FIT projects to reach commercial operation;
  • 170 kW nameplate capacity, with an additional 70 kW added later; and,
  • Generates 270,000 kWh per year (enough energy for 23 average Canadian homes).

“This is an exciting and innovative project for the Region that is intended to feed solar energy back into the provincial grid and lessen our overall impact on the environment,” said Ken Seiling, Regional Chair. “The project will also provide an attractive financial return to the Region.”

Live statistical output data and statistical information can be viewed from the project’s energy portal as shown below. This online tool offers real time information and is also able to inform on faults in the systems. Information within the portal is useful for tracking  energy production data and revenue information.

SolarVu Energy Portal

Live output data and statistical information of the solar array.

Mindscape is an awarded industry leader that has helped to create the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. We offer a multitude of services in relation to solar energy, please click here to download our brochure.


ROW Operations Centre Live Data

Region of Waterloo

Ontario FIT Program

Waterloo Region, Ontario builds solar power plant