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Two Green Trends Worth Watching

By Daljit Basan:

CaGBC’s Green Building in Canada: Assessing the Marketing Impacts and Opportunities 

The CaGBC released a key market  impact report with The Delphi Group titled Green Building in Canada: Assessing the Market Impacts & Opportunitieswhich details the wide economic impact that the green building industry has had in Canada over the past decade.

Among its many findings, the report finds that, when indirect and induced contributions are included, the overall economic impact of Canada’s LEED projects certified from 2005 – 2015 will lead to $128 billion in gross output over their lifetime, $62.3 billion in total GDP, and create 701,700 jobs.”


Highlights from the report include:

  • Green building industry generated $23.45 billion in GDP which represents 297,890 full-time jobs in 2014. This is more jobs than Canada’s oil and gas extraction, mining and forestry industries combined, which collectively employed approximately 270,450 workers in 2014.
  • Ontario and British Columbia have more green building jobs as a percent of their total labour force than any other areas of the country in 2014 – equal to 2.1 and 1.6 per cent respectively, due in part to greater market leadership, progressive building code requirements, provincial and municipal green building policies.
  • Companies active in the Construction and Trades segment accounted for the largest percentage (55 per cent) of green building employment and GDP in Canada, equal to approximately 164,445 jobs (approximately 13 per cent of Canada’s total construction work force) and $13.13 billion dollars in GDP.
  • The market penetration of LEED certified buildings in Canada has been growing over the last decade, from 0.8 per cent across all asset classes for the period of 2004-2009, to a present rate of 10.7 per cent for all new construction floor space in 2014. Of these, 22 per cent all new commercial buildings, and approximately 30 per cent of all new institutional buildings constructed in Canada in 2014 were LEED certified.



To read the full report you can access it by clicking here, but please note that you must be a CaGBC National Member to access it.


New Green Energy Deal Signed Feb 12, 2016 

Canada, the United States and Mexico have signed a trilateral agreement that could mark the start of discussions on the first North American accord on climate change and clean energy.NAFTA

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Mexico’s secretary of energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, signed a memorandum of understanding on North American climate change and energy collaboration in Winnipeg on Friday.

“As of today all of our North American energy data and energy maps are gathered on one platform for the first time. This is significant because it allows us to think about continental energy integration in a new light,” Carr said Friday morning in Winnipeg. This memorandum takes the important strides we’ve made in recent years towards a continental approach to energy and expands our relationship in support of an even more ambitious clean-energy environmental agreement.”

Moniz credited today’s agreement to the “tremendous” change in the the energy scene in North America, the “revived relationship” between the three countries and “the change of government here in Canada.”

 Click here to read the full article.

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