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Ten Years of Impact

The Mindscape Legacy

By Derek Satnik



Derek SatnikMindscape was founded on Dec. 21, 2005, and this year marks our 10th anniversary. Anniversaries offer a special opportunity to sit back and take stock of the successes and failures of the last chapter in your story, so we’ve been thinking a lot about the impact that Mindscape has had, and I’m grateful to say that it’s been a lot larger than we ever thought it would be.

In 2005 I was sitting with my dear friend and not-yet business partner Bryan Taylor at a Christmas function, and we were dreaming together about the changes we’d like to be part of in the energy industry. We formed the vision that became the Mindscape Innovations Group of companies: a group that would someday be able to select a plot of land, and with nothing more than the resources provided by that land, provide all the energy, water, food, waste management, and diversity of uses (live-work-play) that anyone would need to live completely independently – sustainably. We started a consulting firm that specialized in energy and water efficiency (because that’s what we knew best), and we set off to meet partners who could fill out the gaps in our vision, and projects that would show our vision to the world.

Ten years later, I’m delighted to say that the vision is real. Mindscape and our network are presently working on fully self-sustaining communities, and we are very excited about this.



In terms of direct impact, we’ve tallied all ~450 of the projects that Mindscape has done over the last decade, and we’re delighted to say that our impact has been significant.

  1. Economic Impact: We’ve provided >66 person-yrs. of direct employment, and collected gross revenues of >$4.3 million. Our projects have leveraged that modest investment to create nearly $2 billion in economic activity, and if we include the government and industry-wide programs we’ve been part of, then that number rises to nearly $500 billion in activity that we’ve helped to stimulate and support.
  2. Presence: We’ve participated in over 100 tradeshows and events, have offered over 160 training workshops, and have contributed to educating thousands of people directly, and hundreds of thousands indirectly.
  3. Influence: We’ve been published regularly in over a dozen media outlets and professional / trade magazines, totaling nearly 100 published articles (almost one monthly since our founding). Our newslist was founded little over a year ago and presently has a following of ~2600, growing steadily every month.
  4. Awards: We’ve earned 14 awards (local through international) directly, and our projects have earned well over 100 more.
  5. Environment: Our projects have directly resulted in nearly 10,000 tonnes of annual GHG emissions avoided, have helped add nearly 85,000 kW of clean electricity on Ontario’s energy grid, and have affected over 36 million square feet of improved buildings. If we include the affects of regional and national programs that Mindcape has helped to launch and manage, then those numbers scale up to a startling 480,000 tonnes of annual GHG emissions avoided, over 2,000,000 kW of clean electricity generators, and nearly 1.5 billion square feet of improved buildings.

Some of these numbers are too big for us to have a good feel for what they actually mean. For example, 10,000 tonnes of GHG emissions avoided looks like almost 2,000 olympic sized swimming pools of CO2, or 760 SUV’s off the road. 480,000 tonnes of GHG emissions looks like nearly 97,000 pools, or over 38,000 SUV’s off the road. And I can’t even begin to explain how big 1.5 billion square feet is.

Perhaps my favourite stat. in all of this is how well we’ve leveraged ourselves. Mindscape is a small team with a huge reach, and these numbers prove it. For each dollar we’ve earned in the last ten years, we’ve affected almost 350 square feet of buildings, and over 100 lbs. of GHG emissions.


Thanks for a Great Start!

It’s been a great ten years. The numbers show that clearly. Thank you for your part in our story! Our clients and colleagues are the ones who keep giving us the opportunities that we’ve leveraged into this impact, and we’re very proud of the people we work with and the help that we’ve given them.


Help us Have Even More Impact

2016 is coming quickly and promises to be a special year for Canada. Our governments are newly recommitted to environmental improvements, and we’re expecting positive business opportunities for the whole market as we scramble to address the climate challenge. If you’d like help understanding the opportunities that apply to you, from energy audits to LEED buildings to solar panels, then give us a call. Between us and our extensive network, there’s a lot we can do for you.


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Derek SatnikDerek Satnik is a LEED® Accredited Professional Engineer, and internationally awarded expert in sustainable housing and renewable energy systems. He lives in Kitchener at the Ontario Green Home (, and is the Managing Director of local consultant Mindscape Innovations Group (



  1. Gerald Prolas

    Hi Derek, Congratulations on all the progress that you have made, from humble beginnings.
    All the Best to you and your Team in 2016!

    Kind regards,
    Gerald Prolas

  2. Congratulations Derek, Bryon, and the entire team at Mindscape Innovations. Impressive numbers and you are only just beginning. Best wishes for the tremendous decade to come.

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