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Non-Profits & Green Industry Associations

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Active Change Agents


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for Non-Profits & Green Industry Associations


Mindscape is proud to be a leading agent of change, an advocate, and a key enabler assisting many noteworthy industry associations and NGO’s that are defining the future of our industries.

“Much to CSA’s satisfaction, the project was delivered on time and on budget.” 

– Tony Joseph, Senior Project Manager, CSA Group


Celebrated Experts & International Collaborators

HSH_Gala_103MindscapeLearn from Mindscape's expert speakers on sustainability staff are internationally awarded experts in green building policy and programs, and are highly sought after for training and speaking engagements.

Our team has contributed to or authored programs, manuals, training material, incentive programs, and much more, for agencies across Canada at all levels – Municipal, Provincial, and Federal.

International collaborations include work with the US, UK, Australia, China, France, Germany, and more.



Below is a sample of some of the many projects we’re proud to have been part of, primarily from the green building and green energy markets.

  • img_CaGBC_logo_crestThe Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), contributions to the LEED for Homes, Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs), and Neighbourhood Development.
  • The Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET) – Founder – Mindscape helped found this national non-profit to represent the concerns of residential energy service professionals across Canada, to coordinate their industry and provide professional forum for ongoing interactions with governments active in their industry at all levels (Federal through Municipal).
  • img_logo_csa_tagThe Canadian Standards Association (CSA) – contributions to the development of energy modeling software used to enable the implementation of ventilation standard F280.
  • Built Green Canada – contributions to the development and ongoing technical and administrative management of programs for Single Family New Homes, Renovated Homes, and High Density residential development, and seed research for a future “Communities” program for combinations of multiple building types.
  • Home Sweet Home Competition Founder – Mindscape founded and continues to chair this competition. Print
  • Net-Zero Energy Home Coalition of North America (NZEHC) – ongoing technical contributions to developments of international standards for “Net-Zero” and “Net-Zero Ready” construction.
  • img_OSEA_logo_smOntario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) – ongoing technical and policy/advocacy support for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in Ontario, Canada.



…and Local / Regional Groups Too!

  • img_SWR_logoSustainable Waterloo Region – development of tools and programs to support measuring of local carbon emissions, and pursuing cost effective means to achieve reductions.
  • Community Renewable Energy Waterloo Region (CREW) – consulting support for policy projects ranging from sustainable transportation to municipal home energy incentives, and technical support for energy related advocacy initiatives.
  • … and many more…


Capacity Builders

Mindscape is proud of our history of collaboration. We thrive on leaving our clients better than we found them: though we work to build long-term relationships every time, we do not want our clients to be dependent on us. Each of the groups listed above is thriving on their own, using Mindscape solutions, building on Mindscape’s past efforts, and we’re proud to say that we have a continued relationship with each of them. We’re looking forward to more projects together in the future.


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