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Assisting Manufacturers in the Development of Environmental Products

Most green building programs will not certify products, and will only certify buildings. That said, Mindscape has extensive expertise in helping Canadian manufacturers evaluate the environmentally preferable attributes of their products, earn appropriate certifications, and promote themselves effectively into green building markets.

Tiocoat white roofing product“Mindscape’s work is exceptional: they’re a reputable 3rd party evaluator, and gave us the defensible reports we needed to take full credit for our green products.”
Jonathan Ursini, Tiocoat by DuROCK Alfacing International


Green Product Assessment

As contributing authors to several green building programs in Canada, Mindscape carries licenses to evaluate compliance, and is pleased to be able to speak with authority about how products perform in these programs, including where they contribute and where there’s room for improvement.  We have worked with many manufacturers across Canada to:

  • Evaluate the contributions their products make to green buildings  and the points they can earn in various rating systems;
  • Delineate the difference between creditable environmental properties that earn points, and good ideas that are not creditable, but that should still be emphasized in marketing efforts;
  • Provide Credible 3rd Party Reports which the manufacturer can later submit to design teams to  demonstrate their compliance;
  • Provide training to manufacturer staff (technical, management, and/or sales) to increase their literacy in green programs and to help them sell their products more effectively into green building markets;
  • Provide energy audits and related services to help manufacturers reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, freeing up funds to invest in their core business, and simultaneously giving them increased “green” credibility when marketing their products;
  • Online Promotional Support and advertising via EcoSpex.


Building Code Advocacy

As a sustainable building design expert, Mindscape is well versed in Building Code matters, and eager to help ensure that advances in environmentally friendly design and technology are adopted by Code, and not left out in the Cold.

3400acce40c180367cd26aa84f86Mindscape assisted RenewABILITY with several green building rating system product assessments, as well as Building Code advocacy in order to get drain water heat recovery technology recognized as a viable and cost effective alternative to other energy efficiency measures for code compliance.


International Expertise

Mindscape has assessed products within a number of green building programs internationally, including LEED®, BREEAM, GREEN SEAL® by Built Green Canada, GREEN STAR, HQE and NGBS, for use and export into Australia, Canada, China, France, the UK, USA, and more.


Life-Cycle Analysis

Mindscape is technically competent to navigate through the daunting world of life cycle analysis, and to provide valuable consulting and reporting expertise to companies who are interested in the broader, whole-picture view of their products and ways to minimize their overall ecological footprint.  We can assist with preparing Product Category Rules, Life-Cycle Analyses, and Environmental Product Declarations.


Typical Projects

  • LEED product assessments for Icyene’s entire line of waterborne spray foam products.
  • International product assessments (BREEAM, GREEN STAR and HQE) and Building Code Advocacy for RenewABILITY, supplier of Power-Pipe drain water heat recovery units.
  • Developer of  bi-annual Home Sweet Home Competition, featuring green homes and products from across Ontario.
  • CMHC International has subsidized Mindscape’s services to support Canadian exporters in their efforts to sell product into international green building markets since 2009.

…and much more.


Save Money… Make Money… Be Credible

Mindscape is internationally awarded for our work in the green building sector, and we have many services designed to support manufacturers. Let us help you save money on energy, increase your environmental credibility, and provide expert 3rd part assessments of the green attributes of your products. We’ve helped others succeed, and we can help you too.


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