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CHBA Launches Net-Zero Home Labelling Program

Open for Business! – CHBA’s Net Zero Program

By Daljit Basan.


CHBA’s Been Busy…

Mindscape and our network have been excited about net-zero energy homes for some time now, and have been quietly supporting the Canada Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) in their efforts to build a program that supports net-zero builders. 
On May 2, 2017 the CHBA launched it’s Net Zero Home Labelling Program to continue its long history in leading energy efficiency in residential construction. The wait is finally over!
The Program provides the industry and consumers with a clearly defined and rigorous two-tiered technical requirement that recognizes Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes, and identifies the builders and renovators who provide them.
“CHBA supports leading-edge innovation in the residential construction industry with the goal of having those innovations as a voluntary and affordable choice for consumers,” said Kevin Lee, CEO. “The Net Zero Home Label will help to meet the energy efficient housing aspirations of Canadians, and renew Canadian industry leadership in high performance housing. CHBA members have always been leaders and innovators – this program continues that trend.”


Benefits of Net Zero

We’ve often been part of discussions in the past about why anyone would build more efficient than our already exceptional building code, and why they would then go the extra step of getting certified in a program like ENERGY STAR or Net-Zero. The full list of reasons is long and worth discussing, but here’s a teaser:

  • Net-Zero energy homes are the quietest and most comfortable homes you’ll ever live in.
  • A Net Zero Home produces as much energy as it consumes, and is up to 80% more energy efficient than a home built to conventional standards, before adding solar panels: utility bills are reduced to connection fees, or are eliminated.
  • No more worries about future increases in energy prices.
  • Homes are built to higher standards, and are more durable compared to conventional new homes.
  • The air inside these homes is fresh and healthy, not leaky or drafty.
  • These homes are very quiet: the thick walls and tight envelopes mean that you won’t hear traffic or neighbours unless you want to (open a window).
  • Did we mention they’re more comfortable? Sit in the window ledge on a cold day without drafts or chills.
  • …and so much more…

Builders and Renovators can learn more about the program at

Consumer information on the program can be found at


Learn More? Free Webinar…

CHBA is very excited about this program, and so are we! One of the best places to learn more is to watch this free webinar:

Free Webinar:

Webinar Slide-Set:



We Can Help

If you need help then give us a call. We can help you get comfortable with the program requirements, find a reliable Energy Advisor to help you on site, and successfully complete your project. If you’re already ready to get started, then here are a couple of links to make your life easier:

And if you don’t know what those links are for, then it’s because you should talk to us first! We’d love to help!




Contact us for more info. about building or enrolling your net zero (ready) home!


A graduate of the Honours Environment and Business program, Daljit has comprehensive and up-to-date training within the environmental field. Daljit understands how to integrate the tools of business and sustainability, providing a unique niche within the environmental industry.

As a Sustainable Design Specialist, Daljit manages the energy efficient building programs including ENERGY STAR, LEED®, EnerGuide, CHBA`s Net Zero Home Labelling Program and Built Green.

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