Project Data

Project Name
Builder Number and Name ?
House Address
Energy Advisor, Evaluation/BOP ?

Dimensions and Location

Number of Stack Homes  ?
Foundation Configuration  ?  
Number of Floors (including Basement)  ?  

Depth of Basement (ft)  ? No. of Foundation Corners  ?
Perimeter length (inside envelope) (ft)  ? Party Wall Area (ft²) ?
Average Area per Floor (ft²)r  ? Average Height per Floor (ft)   ?
Exposed Floor + Cathedral Ceiling Area (ft²)  ? Insulated Ceiling Area (ft²)  ?

Building Properties

Space Heating System ? EnerGuide GJ
Water Heating System ?
Drain Water Heat Recovery ?
Ventilation/Infiltration/n-exponent ?
Number of Fireplaces with Pilot  ?      
Floor Insulation ?
Ceiling Insulation ?      
Envlope Walls (Construction/Board) ?  
Exterior doors (Type/Number) ?    
Slab (Type/Insulation) ?    
Basement Walls (Type/Insulation) ?    
Crawlspace Type ?          
Insulation (Overhang/Wall) ?    
Ventilation & E-Star Appliances  ?
Forced air fan is PSC   HRV has ECM motor  Dishwasher      Clothes Washer Fridge  
CFLs in ?
Whole House Main Hallway Family Room Living Room  Kitchen
Solar System Contributions ?
Input Units GJ/yr kWh/yr
Glazing Overhang  ?  
North Arrow Orienteering Clip Art
Glazing Orientation & Area (ft²) ?
Avg. Overhang Width (ft)
Avg. Seperation Height (ft)      
Avg. Glazing Height (ft)      
Thermal Mass ?      
Windows Type ?  
Window Solar Heat Gain ?
Internal Gains ?        

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30 Duke St. W Suite 702
Kitchener, ON N2H 3W5
      EnerGuide estimate
   Total GJ Required for Heating: