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Derek Satnik

Derek Satnik Portrait

Derek Satnik is an Electrical Engineer by trade, and has worked in the consulting industry in various roles since 1999, most notably with Stantec Consulting, Enermodal Engineering, and now Mindscape Innovations Group.  Derek is a respected leader in Ontario and Canada’s green building and green energy sectors, having helped Mindscape earn 15 awards since 2007, and with personal experience ranging from designing some of Canada’s most advanced green building projects, to helping author many of Canada’s leading green building programs (including LEED, Built Green, Net-Zero, and many more) and Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act.

Derek is a recognized authority in community energy planning, in wind and solar energy, in energy auditing, energy/sustainability program design and deployment, related government policy efforts, public engagement, training, and more. Derek directs Mindscape’s leadership team.

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