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An Update on Mindscape Innovations

It’s been a quietly busy year here at Mindscape!

You may have noticed that most of our recent blog posts are not written by Mindscape staff. There are two good reasons for that:

  1. that we are privileged to have a wealth of brilliant partners, and we’ve been taking some time to flaunt some of their brilliance! And
  2. we’ve been quietly building new partnerships, and we’re finally ready to unveil most of them!

In years past, Mindscape has organized itself into several internal divisions that together help our clients to realize an incredible diversity of sustainable construction and resilient living visions – from the horizons of their minds, we are proud to help them build their dreams into realities.

More specifically though, Mindscape had run into a wall: we were affecting great projects, inspiring people, enabling our clients, winning awards, and providing our clients with great places to live, work and play. BUT, we were wanting to scale up our impact, and we did not have the resources to do so. Since that realization, Mindscape has been actively building partnerships that are increasing our resources, our impact, and our ability to serve our network.

So now, two years later, we are finally able to share and celebrate some of our good news!

Energy Audits

Mindscape formerly delivered energy audits for commercial buildings in-house. Our expert team has been responsible for millions of square feet of improved buildings, and we’re thankful to have a (thus far!) perfect history of happy clients. We’ve now invested our energy auditing services into Efficiency Engineering in Cambridge.

Scott Martin leads an outstanding team of professionals there who are delivering consistently good results, and we’re happy to refer people to him now as our preferred partner for commercial energy audits, for buildings of all shapes and natures greater than ~5,000 square feet.

For residential energy audits of older homes, we have always had a strong relationship with REEP Green Solutions in Kitchener, and we continue to support them.

Green Building Consulting

For new homes, Mindscape has a strong network of Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs) in various home building programs such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, Built Green, and Net-Zero. We have traditionally offered a number of in-house support services and design services to strengthen what our CEA’s offer, from solar resource studies, indoor air quality studies, engineering support services, feasibility studies, and more. Most of these services are now offered through various specialists from our CEA network, and particularly through Building Knowledge in Cambridge, where Mindscape’s Kyle Anders now helps lead their building program services.

Mindscape is fortunate to have strong CEAs across Ontario, and we will continue to be glad to refer our clients to local specialists within our network who are close to your project sites. When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to call us. Without trying to sound puffy, we can literally do anything related to sustainable new housing, and we’ll be glad to connect you to the specialists you need.

Renewable Energy

For renewable energy, Mindscape formerly offered a number of services related to Ontario’s various renewable energy programs, particularly the Feed-in Tariff program. We are now proud to refer our network to Compass Energy in Toronto.

Jim MacDougal’s team is exceptionally competent: he himself helped author and manage the first iteration of the FIT program for Ontario’s government, and his team continues to offer unparalleled support in the successful deployment of renewable energy projects.

Green Products

And for product design, Ontario Green Spec is a name some of you may remember, but which has been quiet for several years. has done a better job than OGS at all the things we were trying to do, and we are proud to support them rather than re-invent the wheel.

Building Knowledge offers all the consulting support and services to manufacturers that Mindscape formerly offered in-house, and Mindscape’s Kyle Anders continues to support our manufacturing partners from his new role at Building Knowledge.

Green Building Certification

In-house, Mindscape continues to offer home-certification and related services, and we continue to participate proudly in the definition and delivery of Canada’s leading home certification programs, including ENERGY STAR, LEED, Built Green, and Net-Zero. We continue to deliver training on-site through expert mentors, online, and occasionally in classroom environments. And we continue to lead the industry in our efforts to define new programs, such as CHBA’s Net-Zero and Net-Zero Ready programs, and to make them both user-friendly and effective at creating real energy savings, real environmental savings, and great homes for people to live in. Through additional partners, we will soon be offering a suite of services related to managing carbon and waste, and related services for capturing carbon credits related to high performance homes.

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Mindscape and our network. Stay tuned for more good news!

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