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Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Training

earthbulbMindscape Innovations, located in Ontario, Canada, was founded in 2006 to help clients pursue opportunities to use energy better.

We focus on three primary areas:

  • Energy Efficiency for homes, businesses, and government agencies
  • Renewable Energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass
  • Training for Sustainability


Internationally Recognized

Since our inception, Mindscape has grown to be an internationally respected and awarded leader in all things energy related. From building better buildings to improving existing buildings, from creating utility programs to planning community energy systems, from feasibility studies through decommissioning of renewable energy projects, Mindscape has become the librarian in the “green” library: we’ve authored several of the “books” that define this industry, and we know the rest of the authors and can introduce you to them.



Here’s a sampling of the awards we’ve been honoured to receive since our founding in 2006:

… and at least 20 more (that we know of!) have been awarded to projects we’ve consulted on. We’re proud of our achievements, and even more proud that we’ve helped so many of our clients to create award winning projects too.


Building Better Buildings while Defining the ‘Green’ Industry

Since our founding in 2006, Mindscape has helped to author, re-author, define and re-define all of the standards and documents that we use in our practice, from LEED to legislation, from municipal to international programs. We don’t just work: we define how work should be done, and we help our clients to create opportunities before being shaped by them.

Take a look around this website for more detail, or read our blog: we regularly post and share great information that we’re proud to make freely available.


Join Our Story, and Let Us Help You Lead

We’re very proud of the impact we’ve been able to have in our relatively short history, and we’re looking forward to greater things to come! Join our story, get to know us, learn with us, and we are confident that you’ll soon have more good news to share too!